Your locally developed mobile ordering app

We want our app to grow as your business grows with us.

We hope to work with you every step of the way.

On-site support from a real human is always just a phone call away.

NO Locked in Contracts

We feel confident in our product. Our goal is to keep your business by offering a great service.

Not by locking you in to any contract.

Mobile Ordering at a Price You Can Afford

Mobile ordering is becoming a larger part of the market every day. 60% of customers polled prefer to order online.

However popular ordering apps charge commissions as high as 35%. This drives up costs for both the business and consumers.

Our flat pricing allows you to retain customers, without sacrificing margin or increasing prices.

How Does It Work?

Once you're set up, both our users and your customers are able to see your café in the app.
When a customer orders, just prepare their order in one of our provided re-usable cups.

The app takes care of payment and everything else.

Our innovative and sustainable cup lending programme improves the reputation and brand image of all our client cafés, while also reducing costs.


How will I be paid?
You will be paid for your orders monthly. Shorter intervals can be arranged by request.
We simply transfer the funds for all sales directly to your nominated bank account.
How do I pay you?
All charges are deducted from our monthly payment to you.
This means we will never charge you more money than we bring in. We only ever pay money directly to you.
I'm running out of cups! How do I get more?
If you have run out of cups - or are close to running out just get in touch and we will deliver some more ASAP. Just give us an email, or text/call 022 303 9755 and we will send cups out straight away.
There is no extra deposit or fee for additional cups - provided they are sold according to the terms and conditions. Currently it is prohibited to sell miKuppi branded cups outside of the miKuppi app.
Who do I call for technical support?
We are a locally developed app. Simply give us a call on 022 303 9755 or email us. We can have a reprentative on site within one working day if you require further assistance, 100% free.
Everything sounds great - but how much hassle will it for me to set this up?
Our representative will come out and assist you in getting everything set up, and answer any more questions you have. The only thing we need you to provide is your menu with pricing and opening hours.
How long will it take for us to be available on miKuppi
Once the cup deposit has been paid we can have you up and running on the app within 3-5 working days.

Get in Touch

 022 303 9755   hello@mikuppi.comDownload on the App StoreGet it on Google Play